From simple parties at home to film locations international festivals, we provide the highest quality equipment with the highest quality of professionalism, at fair prices. 


 We offer a flexible approach to events, 'hire only' and    'delivered hire'   options  describing some of the standard approaches.  Every event is different so quotes can  require a fair bit of detail from the organisers, please try to give us an idea of  access, build / break schedules and  anticipated participant numbers when enquiring.


     When you're ready to discuss a potential order, please call Gordon on  01206 700 707 or email



Festivals,  Weddings  &  events 










Row Boats and Punt Hire :


From a couple of Rowing Boats for a wedding to a fully stocked Boating Lake at a large festivals and events. Our fleet of traditional can be delivered anywhere.


Hire is available nationwide and can be organised on 'Hire Only', 'delivered hire' or 'Operated' terms.


'Hire Only' prices from £125 for smaller row boats to £350 for chaufered punts and larger row boats.


We can introduce safety, pontoon and shelter hire firms or work with your existing teams.

 Tandem Bike Hire :


From straight forward 'have a go' to group rides, our tandems always draw crowds.  We keep a variety of frame sizes incl adult+adult and adult+child.


Available on 'Hire Only' and 'delivered hire' and terms. 


Prices start at £60 per tandem bike.

Canoe, Kayak, Tandem Kayak and Paddle Board  Hire :


Great for pop-up boating lakes at a large festivals and events and for team building or privately organised expeditions / adventures.  


Our stable all ability fleet includes: traditional two person Canadian canoes, stand up paddle boards, sit-on-top single and tandem kayaks.   Hire is available nationwide and can be organised on 'Hire Only', 'delivered hire' or 'Operated' terms.  '


'Hire Only' prices start at £45 per day for single user craft and £90 per day for two person craft.



Pedal Karts and Pedal Kart Grand Prix :


Suitable for grass and hard surface use, our adult and child pedal karts are available on 'Hire Only' or 'delivered hire' terms.  


From short 'have a go' sessions to Grand Prix with heats, pit-stop challenges and Finals these are fab fun at weddings, consumer and corporate events. 


Max user weight is 90kg for adult karts and 45kg for junior karts.

Penny Farthing Challenge :


Participants cycle our direct drive modern Penny Farthings around a course of variable difficulty.  


Amazing fun at fun at weddings, heritage and general events - a real eye catching feature.  We bring costume accessories such as toppers and tail coats and  


Adult sizes only. NB these are direct drive cycles and NOT suitable for road use. 

Tentage and Camping:


We keep stock of beautiful bell and tipi style tents, dining gazebos and associated accessories available to small groups for private camping and events.  


Group sizes up to 80 can be accommodated with comfort, 100 if using every bed space.


Available on 'installed hire only' terms.  Nationwide.

Giant Garden Games:


Great for 'free play' or 'GGG Olympiads' at weddings, parties and private events.  Our Garden Games boxes includes a selection of 5 different games, choose your own or let us choose for you.  Games available include: Quoits, Four in a Row, Tumble Tower, Dominoes, skittles, boules.


Giant chess and draughts also available to order independently.


Available on 'hire only' and 'delivered hire' terms. Boxes from £50 per weekend.

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