Our fleet of safety, rescue and work boats are  available to hire to commercial organisations on skippered charter terms:


The fleet is made up of our own craft, used for our own day to day   work   and  managed boats.  


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Civil Engineering:

Safety Boats:

Dive Boats:


All boats are skippered by competent professionals with qualifications and endorsements appropriate to the clients needs.


We work alongside your chosen specialist contractors (dive teams, medical, film related, etc) to ensure safe and professional project completion.


safety  REscue  workboat   HIRE










Charter  fleet:

Craft that are BSS compliant for inland and MCA Coded from Cat 6 to Cat 4.  


Layouts, equipment specifications and licensing is customised according to clients needs.  


The fleet includes:

- RIB's & SIBs of various sizes and a selection of engine sizes incl electrics. 

- Workboats (various solid hull types and sizes incl GRP and Aluminium)

- Unpowered PWCs:  Canoes, Kayaks, Row Boats, Punts.

- Powered PWCs / Jet Ski

- Sailing: From dinghys to Oyster Yachts and Racing Trimarans

- Unusual / Big Boat:  we can source and negotiate charter of 'ships' to 

- Amphibious vehicles (ArgoCat)




 CALL US: 01206 700 707 
 EMAIL: reservations@outdoorhirecentre.co.uk 


We offer a regional service and benefit from an intricate knowledge inland and coastal infrastructure and access across the SE incl London.  For hard to reach deployments, smaller work and safety boats can be loaded on top of 4 x 4's or ATV's.







Deployment / operating  areas:

scope  of  engagement:

We join projects at various stages from conceptual development to execution.  


We are just as capable (and happy!) providing boats to work with your existing team / contractors as we are introducing you to complimentary specialist contractors (dive, medical, etc).  


We understand HSE requirements and deliver projects in-line with best practice and benefit from an intricate knowledge of local waterways (inland and coastal), strong relationships with licensing agencies / councils and extensive contact lists. 


 CALL US: 01206 700 707 
 EMAIL: reservations@outdoorhirecentre.co.uk