The 'River Stour Charity Paddlathon' is a one day, team based, challenge paddle which will take place on Saturday June 17th 2017.


Teams of friends, colleagues and family members are challenged to paddle the navigation from Sudbury to Flatford Mill in one day and to raise funds for local charities - our goal is to see more than £80,000 raised in this inaugural event.


At approximately 25 miles, it is a 'paddlathon'!  

Completing the challenge will test individual mental and physical stamina as well as well as requiring good team skills!


The fittest and best paddlers will complete this route in circa 8 hours while most will expect 10 hours of paddle time.


Entry is available for 'Relay' and 'Endurance' teams, see below.



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 Charity   paddlathon










 Entry Fees Include:


- Entry  Costs (obviously!)


- Use of  Equipment (canoes / tandems/  kayaks) for  

    the  event.


-  Off-water Training Programme to help  you

    prepare your body  for the challenge at home /  in  

    your local park.


- One Hour  Skills & Coaching session from our

    Hire Centre in Sudbury. 


-  Three  half-day  hire vouchers  redeemable against use of

      your entry boat  for   scheduled training sessions. 


- Participant Goody-Bag  with  gifts from sponsors and



-  For Relay  Teams:  transfers from  the end of your leg to

    Flatford Mill will be provided free of charge.




Participation is  limited,  each of the following   'Founding Charities' have   helped  to create this event and as such  each  has a priority   allocation of Team Places which are available to BOOK NOW on their terms.   Please register  your interest  here, declaring which charity you'd like to paddle for and  a representative will be in touch.


In January 2017 a Ballot will be held to  allocate further Team Places for those wishing to  raise money  for other registered charities, register your interest now to stay up to date!


Please   click here to register your interest in participating either for a Founding Charity or  to enter the Ballot.    



   Relay   Challenge:  

Teams of 8 will paddle our traditional open canoes or tandem sit-on-top kayaks, in pairs.  


Each pair will paddle 1 of the 4 legs (approx 6 miles / 2.5hrs) and is achievable by averaging active and committed participants.


LEGS are: Sudbury - Bures,  Bures - Nayland, Nayland - Stratford St Mary, Stratford St Mary - Flatford Mill.


Our fundraising expectation is that each relay participant should be able raise a min. of £150 i.e. each team should raise £1200.




• How much paddling experience do I need to have?


•  Is there a min age?


• What clothes / equipment should I bring?


•  What safety   / emergency  precautions are in place?


• Can I bring my own canoe / kayak?


• Are there 'transfer' arrangements for participants?





 frequently  asked   questions:  


   Endurance   Challenge:  

Teams of 3 will each paddle single seat kayaks the full distance from Sudbury to Flatford Mill, starting, passing checkpoints and finishing as a team!  


The Endurance Challenge is hard work, even seasoned challenge cyclists, runners, etc will need to work hard and dig deep to complete the challenge!


Our fundraising expectation is that each Endurance participant should be able to raise a minimum of £400 i.e. each team should raise £1200.










   HOW  TO  ENTER:  


       CHARITY  LOGO   


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 Additional  Costs:


Entry Fees include everything   you NEED to  participate though you might  like to consider   the following additional costs before committing the  Challenge:


-  Travel to the start /  from the end, click here.


-  Personal  Clothing / Equipment,  click here.


-  Optional  ADDITIONAL  Practice /  Coaching Sessions, click here.


- Food & Drink during the challenge.    



•  What Spectator /  Viewing  Facilities are available?








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