An experience for all and a real head turner, give your guests the chance to  try one of our modern Penny Farthings.  


 Perfect for  weddings,  festivals, events, promos  and private parties.


Experience based 'have  a go' formats for  fun days  and competitive 'challenges'  such as  figure of 8  and straight line  competitions  to challenge your guests.     


We arrive  with properly serviced  include:


-  Fleet of modern Penny Farthing hire bikes.  From 2 - 12, serving up to 1400 participants per day.

-  Selection of fancy dress accessories from toppers and bowlers to tails and more, tell us your theme and we'll compliment it. 

-  Team of professional and friendly 'in character' staff to operate the experience safely (incl Cytech Mechanic).

-  Top quality all-weather basecamp from which to operate the experience and to compliment your venues style / theme.


      penny   farthing    challenge










 penny  farthing   challenge  experience   COSTS:


Every event is different so we customise pricing for each event according to the number of hours booked, amount of kit required and number of staff needed to supervise the safe and proper use of kit.


The following is offered to help you budget an approximate cost of booking The Penny Farthing Challenge Experience for your event.  It is based on an estimated number of participants (typically at a wedding / private party 80% of guests, some will have multiple goes, while at a 10,000 person vintage festival it might be 15% feel free to call us for a guidance).



                                                                                                                                           4hr Session* / 8hr Day


Private Event / Party / Wedding (100 / 200 participants)                                                            £550 /  £675  

(typically 2 Penny Farthings, 2 staff, fancy dress and 'base camp')


Small Festival / Large Private Event / Wedding (200 / 450 participants)                                  £750 / £875

(typically: 4 Penny Farthings, 2 staff, fancy dress and 'base camp')  


Medium Event / Festival (500 / 750 participants)                                                                      £1080 / £1310

(typically: 8 Penny Farthings, 4 staff, fancy dress and 'base camp')


Large Event / Festival (1000 / 1400 participants)                                                                      £1620 / £1940  

(typically: 12 Penny Farthings, 6 staff, fancy dress and 'base camp')





Optional Extras:


 Full Size Penny Farthing Prop / Photo Bike (+ Professional Rider)                                                   from £150 (£250)


 Customised Photobooth                                                                                                                from £250


 Dedicated Photographer                                                                                                                from £200


 Themed Participant Momento's                                                                                                     from £0.50



 To discuss your event, please call us on 01206 700 707

 CALL US: 01206 700 707 


 CALL US: 01206 700 707